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Pepper Spray

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), better known as Pepper Spray has been deployed with police departments all over the world. Unfortunately 95% of Caribbean police departments do not carry pepper spray as a less than lethal option. This lack of pepper spray is not an issue of being authorized by Caribbean police departments; it is an issue of funding. These police departments do not have the budget to purchase pepper spray. The Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation has taken up the banner to fund the purchase of pepper spray to supply these law enforcement agencies. Donate and help up supply the brave men and women of Caribbean law enforcement with pepper spray, to effectively protect the communities where they serve.

Public Safety Training

This project supplies training to the Regional Security System for basic and advanced Public Safety courses, training will be open to all Caribbean countries. The Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation supplies funding for the travel, lodging and meals for the trainers. The trainers are all certified in their specialties and will be on loan from various Public Safety agencies form the United States, Canada and Europe. Your donated funds helps with the improvement of Caribbean Public Safety personnel,  so they can better serve the residents and visitors to the Caribbean. Also boosting their ability to stop criminal elements traveling through Caribbean, before they reach North America and Europe.

Trauma Medical Kits

With trauma response times in excess of 30 minutes in many Caribbean countries, this campaign seeks to provide responders with trauma medical kits and training that can extend the life expectancy of the responders, the communities, and visitors to the countries in the event of a traumatic injury. This initiative will also provide for any potential mass casualty event or natural disaster so that responders can help with basic life saving skills when medical personnel will be overwhelmed. This project is in collaboration with Tactical Medical Solutions and the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police. Your donations are desperately needed to equip first responders in the Caribbean with the medical kits.

Click here to see the press release issued by the Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation and Tactical Medical Solutions.