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The Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation is the brainchild of retired NYPD Detective David Watson who saw a need for follow-up and advanced training for Caribbean law enforcement and first responder personnel. While a Detective with the NYPD he travelled to the Caribbean yearly with law enforcement officers from various Unites Stares agencies. Over the years they St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua. While conducting training during these trips David saw the great need for continuing education and advanced training. When asked what training is needed the response was always “everything”. In 2012 David was able to secure training for Caribbean personnel within the NYPD’s “Basic Methods of Security Course” and “Active Shooter Training”; he then liaised with the Caribbean Regional Security System to have Caribbean personnel attend the trainings. Since then he coordinated the training accessibility, lodging and transportation while the Caribbean personnel were in New York City. Personnel form Antigua, Barbados, Dominica and St. Vincent & The Grenadines have benefited from the New York based training. The accessibility to training was a great step forward but only a few Caribbean personnel could attend training; an average of one person per island at a time. This was due to the cost of incurred by the Caribbean governments paying for airfare, lodging and food for each person attending training in New York City; the average cost per person was $8000.00 US dollars. Due to the financial strain on Caribbean governments sending personnel to the United States, David realized the solution would be to send the trainers to the Caribbean. Upon his retirement in June 2015, David endeavored to create a situation where he could send trainers and equipment to the Caribbean at no cost to the governments. Incorporated in January 2016. The Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation started bi-monthly training in the Caribbean January 2018. The airfare, lodging and meals for the trainers travelling to the Caribbean will be covered by the foundation.  David aptly chose the Latin phrase “Securitate Futuris” as the motto for the foundation, the English translation is “Securing The Future".

Although the primary goal of the foundation is improving law enforcement and first responder agencies in the Caribbean; David also decided to use the foundation to continue mentoring young adults in the United States about law enforcement careers. He spent the last ten years of his NYPD career coordinating the Law Enforcement Exploring Program, which gives youth ages 14 to 21 an insight into law enforcement careers. During these years he trained youth in law, police tactics and conflict mediation, but one of his main goals was to prepare these youth for law enforcement careers. Entering law enforcement careers is one or the more lengthy hiring processes, where a person’s background and health is thoroughly screened. These background investigations look into a person’s work, personal and social life; background checks are necessary because law enforcement agencies are looking for people with the best moral character, a good work ethic and integrity. David realized many young adults were making numerous avoidable mistakes that disqualified them from law enforcement careers. During his tenure with the NYPD he lectured youth on how to prepare for law enforcement careers and even sat down with hundreds of them going through their law enforcement job applications. David continues this task within the Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation with his lecture “Entering Law Enforcement” and personally consulting with young adults on the law enforcement application process.

Your contribution to the Caribbean Law Enforcement Foundation is tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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